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                                              There are always some exciting dates to be remembered in SCIE. There’s the new year concert, which represents the highest level of our artistic performance; there’s the sports day, which shows our spirit of fighting until our last breath. The halloween party follows them. Everyone has the chance to express their most splendid personalities in this evening.


                                              The sun went down, the candles lit up, submerging the teaching building in a sea of glittering gold. We got out of our uniforms, put up our makeups, making us unrecognizable even to our closest friends. Cosplay is the heart of tonight’s events. Girls decorated themselves, from cute princesses to old witches; boys put on masks, ranging from innocent dinosaurs to bloody vampires. If you arrive at the right time, you might even bump into a soldier just coming from the front line, with a bloody hand dangling from his shoulder.?

                                              You will never know what you will see.

                                              “Here’s your picture. I don’t think I have your number yet — can I have please, to send your photo?”

                                              “Oh you must be kidding me! I’m Joanna!”

                                              “Ah!! Sorry! I had no idea it was you! You sure did such a fantastic job on your makeup.”

                                              “Lights on.”

                                              Two sixty-watt spotlights illuminated suddenly, igniting the Garden Room with white fire. Two photographers, each carrying a DSLR, wasted no time to fire shots, burst after burst. As the light faded, a clear smirk rosed to their faces.?

                                              In the nearby sequence of computers, the sound of mouse being clicked echoed with the computer fans. Momentarily, photo after photo rolled out from the printer, and flew into the models’ hands.

                                              “Just worry about your pose. We will take care of the rest.”

                                              “Is the haunted house really… that scary?” A girl gripped his boyfriend tightly.?

                                              A deafening scream pierced through the ice-cold iron gates, and echoed in the hollow courtyard. Drops of sweat started to emerge from the couple’s forehead.

                                              Absolute silence. Everybody held their breath in the queue.

                                              Just then a burst of laughter send the door flying open. “Oh stop it! Be like a ghost! STOP LAUGHING! —Next, please.”

                                              “Who was that screaming?” The girl asked trembling.

                                              “One of our ghosts. And by the way, please, don’t scare our staff. You guys are scaring their shit out of them.”

                                              Nah, it’s impossible to be scared in the haunted house. Turn left after your exit, and be prepared, for a disco party is ahead welcoming you.

                                              The non-stop performance on the marble stage echoed throughout the campus. It’s not as stunning as the New Year Concert or SCIE Got Talent, but hey, when everybody started singing together, the experience becomes unforgettable.?

                                              The BPC student group was selling roses inside the Garden Room. Students collected roses from the shop, if anyone had purchased for them as a gift.

                                              The problem is that you don’t know who liked you and purchased the rose. Sometimes, it’s worse than not receiving any at all.

                                              A first year boy stepped to the counter. “Hi, sorry to bother, but is there a rose for me?”

                                              The assistant did some quick strokes on the laptop. “I’m sorry but— “

                                              The boy’s face blushed instantaneously like an apple. He turned and started to run away.

                                              “— but there’s a gift card under your name!” The assistant called out.

                                              He stopped in mid air and turned back. Eagerly he stripped out the envelope and started to read its contents. A grim started to emerge onto his face, first faint, yet becoming more and more obvious as he continued his reading.

                                              However, upon reading the signature, his smile gradually solidified. He froze for a second or two, then sighed gently, and stuff the card back to the original envelope.?

                                              • Photo by Qian Zhentian / Liu Xingjian
                                              • Written by Liu Xingjian
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