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                                              At SCIE we follow and British style Curriculum with students completing IGCSE and A-Level courses during there 4 years of study at the school. We teach in four year levels:

                                              SCIE Year Group Chinese Equivalent UK Equivalent
                                              G1 Senior Middle Year 1 Year 10
                                              G2 Senior Middle Year 2 Year 11
                                              A1 Senior Middle Year 3 Year 12
                                              A2 1st Year of University Year 13 Year 13


                                              The Cambridge Assessment International Education portfolio of IGCSE qualifications provides a solid foundation for higher level courses such as A and AS levels qualifications.

                                              A typical Student would study 8 IGCSE’s and then take 5 AS levels which would result in completing 4 full A-levels.

                                              All Lessons are taught in English in every year with suitable qualifications and all subjects are taught in English with the exception of target language lessons such as Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.

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